Vacant Properties

Our most requested type of staging, your property starts as a blank slate. We create a tailor-made design plan, assessing and addressing the highlights and challenges of your unique space. We then consider size, neighborhood, and asking price to target your most likely buyers. You will receive a custom and fully fleshed out staging, considering every detail, giving potential buyers an immediate vision of their future lives.



If the property is remaining furnished, or even occupied, we will help you re-envision your space to lure potential buyers, curating your furniture and accessories, providing supplemental decor as needed, and assisting in organization and presentation. It’s amazing what a new set of eyes can do.


New Development

From the time you are drawing up floor plans, we can be involved every step of the way. We will help you maximize the appeal of your new offering through functionality, flow, and design. Narrowing in on your target buyer, the staging is carefully crafted to best suit the demands of your ideal demographic. Let us create your model unit and get your new build the attention it deserves.

66 East 83rd Street Apt 3C__9.jpg

Estate Sale

These well loved but often neglected spaces can be a challenge for sellers. Estate condition properties need a little more attention, and a little more focus, before hitting the market. The decisions of which structural and cosmetic issues should be addressed before listing and which can wait can be daunting. We can help throughout this process, advise on where to spend and where to save, and alleviate the stress of selling your estate property.

Because of the huge transformations, these stagings have the potential for some of the most impressive returns on investment.